Arts Ensemble Education Foundation

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The Arts Ensemble Education Foundation 

Our first function at start of the organization in 2006 was that of a Master Collections Company representing three founding resident artists (Karen Retana, Richard Powers, and Buddy Sears).  However,  Arts Ensemble  quickly became an organization that would foster artists, work with government, inspire art in public places,and serve as the first "arts incubator" established 2007 in the Central Florida Region.  What is an arts incubator?  If the term "incubator"  means an organization or place that helps in the  development of new businesses, then as an organization of many programs that provide and nurture the growth and development of artists, arts organizations, and arts enterprises, we excel at including  community restoration through the arts.

Mission: The Arts Ensemble Education Foundation functions as an arts incubator. We support and promote art in community, resident artists, and arts education for "off-hours" and out-of-school programming for youth. We support local arts initiatives with special attention to the Central Florida Region. We collaborate and foster collaboration among area artists and institutions to advance the arts and stimulate wider art appreciation.

Our Incubator Programs!

Working Gallery & Studio

230 Avenue C. SE, Winter Haven, FL 

(863) 293-2700 Main Campus

Resident Artists Karen Retana, Trent Manning, and Adam Justice reside here and the gallery showcases emerging artists from around the world annually. Outer Space is home to our Polk State College Artists Intern program and is open Tuesday through Saturday; with special events as scheduled. 

ST-ART; Healing through Creativity
108 First Street Eloise - Winter Haven, FL
(863) 293-2700 Main Campus 

Healing Arts - Veteran's Arts Programs for men and women suffering from PTSD; Alzheimer's Healing Arts at area clinics and Assisted Living Facilities;  Special heARTS, arts programs for special needs and transitional students; FOCUS, healing arts for youth in foster care and runaway shelters. Most of these programs are facilitated off-site/on location as desired.

Providing Youth Art Alternatives
710 Snively Avenue - Eloise FL
(863) 293-2700 Main Campus

Youth arts alternatives provides afterschool and off hour arts classes and we work in partnership with terrific agencies that this possible free of cost to our students and their families. These programs are provided at various locations and our primary campus is located in Eloise/Winter Haven, Florida. Programs available in Florence Villa, Bartow, and Lakealnd, FL.

Community Restoration through the ARTS; "C-art-A," we work with local government agencies to determine where quality arts programs need to be placed so that we can strategically provide "off hours" and "safe streets" programs for students, communities, and parents. We partner with our sister organization Doors2Change and many existing nonprofit organizations to make this project successful. We work in the homes of our students to repair their homes to safety, make sure that they have the food and medical needs they deserve, and establish family mentors to continue the development and growth of the entire family. ART is the start, but Doors2Change is the physical needs met program that ties this RESTORATION OF FAMILY AND COMMUNITY TOGETHER as one! for more information on Doors2Change.

Art In Public Places - IS CHANGE! 

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