Best Beaches Holidays in Europe

If you’re looking for a beach getaway, Europe has plenty to offer. From bohemian lifestyles to surf hangouts, hippie scenes and family-friendly hotspots, Europe’s beaches have something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for sand and sea, dancing or music, Europe has it all. In this article, we’ll cover Portugal, Corfu, Sardinia, and other beach hotspots.


The lush hillsides and turquoise waters of Corfu have long attracted conquerors and visitors. The Old Town shows evidence of French and British influence, but it is the Venetians who exerted the greatest sociocultural influence. Resort areas are spread along the island’s long shore. The eastern shores are a popular choice for families, with pastel villas nestled in olive tree-covered slopes.


For the best beaches in Ibiza, you can visit Sant Antoni, Santa Eulalia, and Portinatx. These beaches are not just for families, but they also attract a lot of young partygoers. The water here is crystal clear and the beaches are spacious. For a family holiday, San Antonio is the ideal destination. You can also book a room at the Abrat Hotel, which has a beachfront location in San Antonio.


Whether you’re looking for an affordable beach holiday in Europe or a luxurious getaway, Sardinia has plenty of great options. The southern coast, where you’ll find some of the best beaches in Europe, is home to the Costa Smeralda. This stretch of coastline was developed in the 1960s by the Aga Khan, and is now a favorite among tourists. While there are many beaches in this region, few offer a luxury experience like the one in Olbia. You can still find a nice resort here, but the prices will skyrocket during the high summer months of August.


If you’re looking for the best beach holiday, the Algarve region is a prime destination. The country is bordered by Spain, and its long coastline is perfect for sunbathing. During the early years of its independence, Portugal was a powerful maritime empire. Today, the Algarve region is a popular destination for tourists. Here you can enjoy the best of both worlds: beaches and a rich history.

Spanish Canary Islands

Canary Islands have some of the best beaches in Spain. From pristine white sand beaches to volcanic black sand beaches, the islands offer a huge range of scenery. The sun shines for almost the entire year in the Canary Islands, and temperatures rarely drop below 20C, making them ideal for a family holiday. And because of their volcanic origin, the islands also boast some of the country’s highest peaks, such as the Teide volcano.


When it comes to beaches, Crete has some of the best in Europe. It is considered one of the most family-friendly destinations in Europe, which makes it an ideal choice for families. Researchers looked at air temperature, number of attractions that children enjoy and flight duration from the UK. They also looked at the cost of a family holiday to Crete, which averages around £425 for four. The following are some of the best beaches in Crete:


If you are looking for a place to spend your next beach holiday, look no further than Malta. This picturesque island boasts many attractions, including the historic Citadella citadel and beautiful beaches. You can also enjoy diving, snorkeling, and other water sports in the waters surrounding Malta. If you want to enjoy a more rural getaway, consider staying in Gozo. Although not as convenient as the main island, Gozo offers excellent day trips and transportation.


If you are looking for one of the best beaches holidays in Europe, you may want to try a visit to Positano. The town has an incredible beach with views of pastel-coloured buildings and the huge mountains in the background. Positano’s main beach is easily accessible, as it is at the base of the town. The main beach is a stunning sight, and you will not be disappointed if you decide to spend a day at Positano’s beautiful beach.


One of the best places to spend your holiday in Mykonos is at one of the island’s many white sandy beaches. There are several options, including a luxury hotel with private beaches, or a small boutique hotel. Some of the island’s best beaches are also a short drive away. Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot or a fun, cosmopolitan getaway, you’ll find the perfect destination on Mykonos.