Whether you’re facing a legal problem or trying to make sense of the law, there are times when it’s most helpful to consult with an attorney. But there are also times when just talking to a lawyer isn’t the right answer and you must hire one. This article can help you decide what’s best for you – legal consultation or hiring a lawyer.

The difference between legal consultation and hiring an attorney

Legal consultation is when you have asked an attorney or legal consultant to review your case. This process can include the following:

  • Analysis of your case and explanation of what can be improved, what’s incomplete, etc. – essentially a full review that tells you the strengths and weaknesses in the case.
  • Research in the case of more complex claims.

No agreement is signed for a legal consultation but you’re still under client-attorney privilege and sensitive information shared in a consultation is kept secret.

Hiring a lawyer usually entails signing a detailed agreement that explains what is expected from the lawyer and more. A lawyer will legally represent you in court.

You can look at legal consultation as seeking advice. The consultant is not expected to fight your case, represent you, take legal action, use their legal ability for you, and so on. Hiring a lawyer is naturally more expensive than just going after a consultation.

When is legal consultation the answer?

A legal consultation is generally for cases where you’re unsure about the strength of your claim. It’s used to get a legal perspective on a case. A legal consultation will tell you what is it that you’re lacking or whether you should pursue the case in the first place or not. Before you choose to consult with a lawyer, make sure you understand what consultation will cost you.

When should you rather hire a lawyer?

At first glance, you might think that going to a lawyer is not a good idea. However, most attorneys don’t earn their living by just hearing cases and writing briefs. They make a living making their client’s claims and cases succeed in court.

Hiring a good lawyer is the very basis of building a good case to improve your chances of success. A lawyer will represent you in court and will advocate on your behalf. A lawyer is expected to attempt every trick up their sleeve to get you the win or to negotiate the best deal possible.

Wrapping up

Whether you want to consult a lawyer about a legal matter or take the first steps in retaining one, it is important to know your options.

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