If you are looking for a healthy food idea for fussy kids, you should try to avoid fried foods, takeaways and processed foods! Healthy, yummy treats are simple to make, but you need to be very careful not to give into your kids demands of quick unhealthy meals. You can also use a variety of fun shapes to make meals even more interesting. For example, use cookie cutters to make cucumber shapes or star shaped sandwiches!


If your child is often picky about what he or she eats, Uncrustables are a convenient way to create a nutritious sandwich. The frozen product is gluten-free, nut-free, and is also available in single serving sizes. Alternatively, you can prepare a homemade uncrustable for your child to take to school. You can either make them from scratch or buy pre-prepared ones from a local store.

Veggie Cups

Veggie Cups are the perfect snack for fussy kids. They’re easy to assemble, portable, and delicious. You can even add your favorite dip, such as hummus, if you prefer. And because Veggie Cups are made of vegetables, they’re great for school lunches, office snacks, and even after-school snacks. And you can steam the vegetables beforehand, which will enhance the flavor of the dip.

Baked fish

Failing to entice picky eaters with new foods? Why not make fish cakes? These finger food-style creations can be made kid-friendly by pulverising the fish before cooking. Kids will love the familiar taste and texture. These treats can be served on buns or on their own. You can also use cheese to jazz up the dish. Alternatively, you can serve them with a salad or vegetables.

Veggie pesto

Veggie pesto is a delicious way to sneak vegetables into your family’s meals. Kids won’t notice that it’s there! Add it to your favorite pasta or sauce, soup, or sandwich! Or, create veggie pesto pucks and serve them as a dip with fruit or crackers. You’ll never have to hide the healthy ingredients from your kids!


Meatballs are one of the easiest meals to make for picky eaters. It is quick, easy, and adaptable, making it perfect for a busy day at home. Frustrated children won’t mind them at all, and the wholesome, satisfying dish will not only appeal to them but to all family members. Meatballs can be made in a flash and are a great meal for busy families.


For young toddlers, raw apples are easier to chew than cooked ones. Try this recipe for apple-topped bagel for a tasty treat. You can also try apricots and peaches. You can also add pureed fruit to favorite kids’ dishes. You can also add cheese, sauce, and finely chopped veggies. This healthy treat will keep kids happy while still giving them the healthy vitamins and nutrients they need.

Baked potato skins

If you have a fussy eater, you may want to consider making baked potato skins. They are quick to prepare and can be reheated in the microwave or oven. The skins can be topped with a little seasoning and sprinkled with salt, if desired. You can also fry them in a little oil until crisp and serve them with ketchup.