Being convicted can be stressful, and meeting your lawyer for the first free legal consultation can add to the stress. 

Though preparing to meet a criminal case attorney can be intimidating, you need to make the most of your initial appointment to feel more confident while proceeding with the case. In order to maximize free consultation benefits, here are a few tips to make the most of your first appointment. 

Criminal Lawyer

How To Make The Most Of Free Consultation With A Criminal Lawyer

1. Research About Your Criminal Attorney

Before getting your free consultation appointment, research about the criminal lawyer you plan to work with. This can be done by going through online reviews, ratings, and public court documents.

Not only does this help determine if this is the right lawyer for your case, but it also ensures that you will be working with someone reputable in the community. 

Ensure that their services correlate to your needs and that they are not poorly rated or reviewed. You can also scan recent court documents to see if they win their cases often. A small amount of legwork before the first appointment can do wonders in the long run concerning your court case. 

2. Know Your Goal

Being aware of what you want before you proceed to meet the criminal defence attorney is crucial. It can be easy to summarize it by saying that you want to win, but a court case is much more than just winning. Regardless of which lawyer you work with, determine exactly what resolution you are hoping for. 

For certain clients, it can be removing any chance of jail time while settling for a larger fine or having some charges dropped while others remain. 

3. Provide A Summary Of Your Case 

To prepare for the free consultation with a criminal defence lawyer, have your case and situation fully summarized. Time is of the essence, and it is important not to waste your lawyer’s or your time by narrating a long version of the story. It is acceptable to pen down what you plan on saying so that you can be more prepared and start off on a strong foot. 

A summarized story is important, so you don’t include unnecessary information or accidentally go off on a tangent. Focus on your current situation and what pertains to the legal trouble that you are facing. 

4. Stick To The Facts

This may be a slightly harder aspect to remember during the consultation, but you must stay focused on the facts despite your emotions. Remember – lawyers handle actions, not emotions, that usually do not affect the case. 

To combat this issue, think about what you plan on saying and how it comes off. Assess the information and ensure that it does not have anything irrelevant included. 

Final Words 

Your free legal consultation with a criminal defence lawyer is the first impression that you want to be prepared for. Set up a good image by arriving on time or slightly early for the appointment. Be sure you are respectful and make the most of the meeting to move towards a more positive resolution

For further queries, we suggest contacting your nearest local law firm.