Most people being investigated for a crime refrain from contacting a criminal lawyer because of high fees or just out of fright.

They fear that contacting a lawyer is accepting they committed a crime, but the reality is you need a lawyer to prove your innocence. While most criminal cases are challenging, drug-related offences are more complicated as several parties are involved.

You must hire an expert lawyer to increase the chances of getting a favourable judgement and today’s guide discusses how.

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How Can A Lawyer Help You When Charged With Drug-Related Offences

1. Possession Of Drugs

The most common issues related to drug offences involve determining legal possession of the substance and how the police found the drugs. There is no such thing as a minor drug offence in Canada, and punishment depends on whether you possess category 1, 2, or 3 drugs.

Since drug laws are complicated, a criminal lawyer will explain the intricacies of the case and help you understand that possession is simply being in the presence of drugs. This can be at home or with another person knowingly carrying a prohibited substance.

2. Drug Trafficking

Just like possession, sharing drugs with another person can fall under the ambit of trafficking, which is a serious offence. When the police find you carrying drugs, they ask whether they are for personal use or purchased for some other purpose.

Your problems are further compounded if you are involved with a commercial enterprise already under the scanner for illegal activities. So, it’s essential to have a team of skilled lawyers who understand the investigation process to help you get a favourable judgment.

3. Import And Export

Import and export of drugs are one of the most severe drug offences in Canada, especially due to border laws and complicated rules concerning the transportation of prohibited substances. When citizens travel with drugs abroad or come into the country with drugs, the situation is far from easy to deal with.

Because illegal proceedings have taken place in an international country, criminal lawyers will examine what rights you have. In most cases, these are considerably reduced while the lawyers track all the information to find some evidence that can be used to counter the charges against you.

4. Drug Production

You will also need a qualified criminal lawyer when you’re arrested for being involved in the production of drugs. While the production of controlled substances is a punishable offence accompanied by jail time, you can also be charged for merely serving as an assistant. 

Even property owners who allow others to use their premises for drug production are considered guilty. You will need a criminal attorney in such instances to form a watertight argument and prove that you didn’t know about the drugs.


It would be best to choose a criminal lawyer having several years of experience so that they can handle complicated cases.

Moreover, the best lawyers explain the situation as it is and discuss all possible routes to ensure you win the trial. The bottom line is: it is challenging to fight criminal cases on your own, especially drug-related offences, given the complexity of the legal system.

So, get in touch with a professional criminal attorney today for the best outcome!