Are you running a street promo and looking for the right brand ambassadors for your company? Then you probably already know that experiential marketing is highly effective in creating brand awareness and engaging your customers. This type of marketing has gained huge popularity over the years because of its effectiveness. However, the right staff contributes to its success. More businesses providing street team staffing in Toronto have sprung up. If you seek an effective group of staff, you want a team that can generate sales conversion in the field or meaningful leads. They will represent the brand and be the first face the customer may identify the brand with. Due to this, the right street team staffing is essential. In this article, we explore important questions to consider before hiring a street team to promote your brand.

Team Staffing

What is their specialty?

These agencies’ specialties can vary. Some focus on big events only. Some only work with particular industries, while others are more into brand ambassadors. Find out whom they have worked for in the past by checking their websites. They are a good bet if their past clients sell similar products or services. Since this means they’re experienced in your brand.

Are they organized and professional?

The best way to gauge their professionalism is your first impression. Did you get a response to your inquiries on time? Were they too forceful? Did they respond professionally? You will be interacting with them during the activation. You have to be able to reach them at all times during this period. How they respond to your initial inquiry may indicate how they’ll handle your business.

What is their work culture like?

One way to find out about the street team’s work culture is by seeing them in action. You want to know if the employees are treated well. If they like working in the company. Do they seem happy and enthusiastic while handing out promotional items? Smiling faces and enthusiasm may not always indicate the work culture. But you want a happy and energetic street team to handle your activation. That is why companies are careful to hire motivated staff for these roles.

What do you know about their reporting style?

Reports are a major part of street promotions. Therefore, you should work with a team that will send you frequent reports about activities. These reports should include important information about their activities. It should also be easy to read. Zero or infrequent report means they’re not doing the job as they should.

Many street team staffing exists in Canada. So you will have many options. Choosing the best one is vital to the success of promotional activities. You can only do this through research and asking the right questions. Pricing is another element to compare before choosing a team. Because expensive does not always mean “the best.” It would be best if you looked for a team that’s professional, comfortable to work with, and motivated.