Installing a smart garage door system can be a great way to increase the security and convenience of your home. Smart garage door systems make it easy to control access to your home with a few simple taps on your smartphone or tablet. 

It’s easy to quickly grant access to family, friends, or service professionals without ever having to leave your car. 

But before you commit to this upgrade, it’s important to consider some of the pros and 

cons of installing a smart garage door system.

So, let’s figure it out!

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  • Increased Security: A smart garage door system offers increased security for your home as each time someone enters or leaves can be tracked and monitored remotely from any location in real time. You can also easily receive notifications if someone tries to enter when they shouldn’t have access.
  • Convenience: With a smart garage door system, you won’t have to worry about climbing into the car or walking up the driveway to open and close the door; instead, you can easily open it with just a few simple taps on your smartphone.


  • Initial Cost: The cost of purchasing and installing a new smart garage door system might be higher than what you expect for a traditional garage door opener.
  • Reliability: Another potential downside is that these systems often rely on Wi-Fi connections. If there is an outage in the area due to weather conditions or other reasons, it could mean that you won’t be able to access the system when you need it most.
  • Privacy Concerns: Although most devices come with encryption technologies that protect users’ data, there are always risks associated with storing personal information online, which may increase concern among some potential users. 

Additionally, since some systems allow remote access through third-party apps (such as Amazon Alexa), there is an added risk of someone using this feature without permission to gain entry into your home, potentially leading to burglary or other crimes being committed while no one is at home.


While both traditional and automated garage doors offer convenience and peace of mind when it comes to controlling access to your home. 
Those looking for more advanced security measures may want to explore options such as installing a smart garage door system which will provide additional benefits that are real-time reporting on who enters/leaves the premises along with cloud-based monitoring capabilities amongst many others features designed specifically for keeping your home security a garage door at all times.