According to the National Centre of Health Statistics (NCHS), cremation services in many developed nations have increased by 10-15% in the last decade. They estimate it will rise to 35% by 2040, meaning more people choose cremation services over traditional burials. 

Factors like environmental concerns and costs of burials have been a cause for more cremations. Here are five little-known benefits of having cremation services that you might want to know. 

cremation services

1. Flexibility 

Traditional burials require family and friends to gather for the funeral service. It can be done in church, after which they have to transfer the body for burial. They can only pay their last respects according to what is allowed. 

However, cremation services allow family and friends to mourn in their ways. It is because they can divide the ashes into different urns. The family can then choose where they want to spread the remains. There are many options; a river, in their backyard, bury the urn or use the ashes to plant a tree.

2. Liberty to decide on when to conduct memorial services

More traditional burials have a time limit on when you must bury the body. It causes the family and friends of the deceased to rush through with the funeral plans. On the other hand, cremation services allow members to plan for the funeral

They can choose when to have the memorial service as long as they have the remains. It also enables all family members to decide between a celebration of life or a memorial service. 

3. Convenience 

For burials, you have to choose a location to bury the body. Cremation allows family and friends can choose a convenient location. It can be a central place where all family and friends meet.  

The portable remains allow the family to honor the deceased. They spread their ashes where they asked. Some spread their remains by the sea or to the favorite places they used to go to when alive. 

4. Embalming is not necessary 

Family members would like to see the deceased as if they were alive during burials. It requires embalming, which uses formaldehyde. It is a chemical compound that is not environmentally friendly.

When it comes to cremation, embalming isn’t necessary. The family can have the body cremated and the ashes placed in an urn. It cuts the cost and ensures no toxins are released into the environment. 

5. Cremation Jewelry 

For a personal experience with a deceased loved one, you can ask to get cremation jewelry. The cremation service places the remains of their loved ones into small urns. These make jewelry that gets distributed to close family and friends. 

Some people ask to get cremated and for their ashes to be made into bangles which are then given to members. Technology has also created a way to transform ashes into diamonds used as jewelry. 

Final words 

Cremation services have brought a whole new way to part with loved ones. It has many benefits and is a modern way to work with the rising population and shrinking burial land. Get a cremation service that will provide an efficient process for you and your family.