The e-commerce industry is growing at an impressive rate, becoming one of the most exciting industries to be part of. But hiring an e-commerce consultant can be very confusing if you need help knowing where to start. So we’ve created a quick checklist to help you find the right person for your next project!

Background and Experience

The background and experience of your consultant should be a significant factor in the hiring process. Are they an expert in the industry, or are they just starting? Do they have experience working with companies like yours? If so, how long ago was that, and what type of companies did they work with? 

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Services Offered

Does the consultant offer a free consultation? What services do they offer? Do they provide a variety of services, or just one or two? Are they able to provide multiple services for your needs, or are their plans only available in one limited size?

Ask Questions

It would help if you asked about their experience in the industry. For example, ask them how many years they’ve been in business and what clients they have worked with. Try to find references from past clients and contact them directly for more details on the consultant’s work history.

It would help if you also asked about their process and how it works before hiring someone. Also, consider whether or not you want all communication between yourself and your consultant handled through email or phone calls only; some people prefer face-to-face meetings because it makes them feel more connected with each other during those conversations!

Make sure they have experience working with similar companies or clients.

Look for references from previous clients and ask them about their experience working with this person. Then, contact those former clients and ask them how they felt working with this person. You can also ask if any problems that arose during their time together could have been avoided. 

Make sure that they can think outside the box. 

An e-commerce consultant should be able to think outside of their own experience and see how they can help you in your unique situation. It means they’ll need to understand what makes your business different from their other clients’ businesses and how they can use past experiences with other clients as a starting point before making recommendations.

A track record of success with similar clients. 

A good e-commerce consultant will have a track record of success with similar clients. You may not know precisely what their successes were, but if they can show you significant improvements in sales or revenues over some time, that’s a good sign. 


Hiring a consultant can be an excellent investment if you want to ensure that every aspect of your business is working smoothly. An e-commerce consultant needs to know about all aspects of online selling, from marketing and advertising to payment processing and fulfillment. The more knowledge an e-commerce consultant has about these areas, the better equipped they will be to help you solve your problems and grow your business.