Arts Ensemble Education Foundation
& Outer Space Gallery & Studio

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The Arts Ensemble Education Foundation believes in community and arts education. We strive to be innovated in our approach to reaching the young at arts and those in need of creative escape. To build on the young mind of a budding artist and to bring back to life a once loved passion forgotten in an adult's heart because of the reality of life issues and circumstances. 

Art is owned by none and loved by all and should be available to every person who desires the opportunity to create their masterpiece.  Dance, sing, paint, write, pretend, and love because art is possible in their lives - that is our passion at Arts Ensemble.  

We believe that if we give a child, a senior, a patient, or a parent a creative avenue that they can begin to foster the cognitive skills necessary to take them beyond their life's circumstances to who they were created to be.  Quality and qualified arts instructors provide programming and art sessions throughout the central Florida region.  - Jane Waters Thomas, Executive Director

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After School and Out-of-School
Art Camps